About Fan Clubhouse

We have been managing fan clubs for the over two decades and have created a service that integrates memberships, meet and greets, ticketing, and social networking to give fans the ultimate “personal experience” with the artist they love.  Staying connected with your fans is more important than ever in this online world of social networking.   The playing field between artists and fans has been leveled and now more than ever the fans have a voice, making it important to connect with them and utilize their networking abilities to grow your fan base.

That is where we come in -- we work alongside the artist and their team to captivate fans. By engaging fans, they will not only join your networks, but spread the word to their friends!  Fan Clubhouse will work hand-in-hand with your team to keep your fans connected with their favorite artist.  The fan community will allow fans to contribute blogs, photos, videos, and even link to their Facebook and Twitter profiles to push to their friends, generating more traffic to your site.

We have worked hard to create a fan experience like no other, providing a secure profile that can access multiple components of a membership. Fans can manage their meet & greet requests, make friends and interact with other members, purchase exclusive merchandise (when applicable), receive member only discounts, exclusive content and much more!

What's more, our dedicated team knows how to motivate fans so they become your best “PR Team.”  We will work with your team to develop creative contests and opportunities that your fans will talk about for years to come.

We will keep the members up to date with a monthly e-newsletter so they can stay informed as to what is happening in today's fast moving career.  We are available by phone during office hours (Mon-Fri 9 am to 4 pm CT), email or snail mail, to help the fans have an even more personal experience.